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Farmtec digging machines

Farmtec digging machines

In 2004 Farmstore BV started to develop a full line of digging machines in-house. This enabled us to satisfy all the demands of modern contractors and farmers. The unique design of Farmtec digging machines will give good results in all soil types. The range comprises different models of digging machines for sand and soils, also deep-digging machines, both mounted and trailed.

Farmtec has 3 models of digging machines, i.e. Horta, Agri and Rotar. These are available in working widths of 1m60-4m00.

Die Horta Spatenmaschine

The Horta

The Horta digging machines are equipped with special blades for better turning action. These machines are available in working widths of 1m60-2m50.

Die Agri Spatenmaschine

The Agri

The new Agri digging machine is equipped with lateral side transmission with gears. This machine is suitable for up to 200 HP.

Die Rotar Spatenmaschine

The Rotar

For tractors over 200 hp we offer the Rotar series. This model has specially shaped blades which brake and turn the soil. This series has a central transmission and can power up to 350 hp.

The Rotar is available in three versions:

  • 1. Heavy clay soil: Rotar Standard version with the 16 special blades
  • 2. Medium Heavy soil and light soil: Springrotar, implementation with 32 chisels
  • 3. Sandy soil: Springrotar, implementation with 40 chisels


Deepdigging machines

For deep tillage in asparagus cultivation and viticulture we supply mounted and trailed models to 400 hp. The depth setting at the trailed models is done with four large wheels, which also serve as a transport device.